Build Your Back and Biceps With a resistance Band

Beatrice J. Doty

The row is one of the most fundamental strength training exercises out there, critical for growing the back muscle that your body needs. It also strengthens something else, too: Your biceps.

“Every row rep you do,” says Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S, “recruits back muscles like your rhomboids and lats, and asks your biceps and forearm muscles to come along for the ride too.”

So why not take advantage of that to work two muscle groups at once? That’s what you’re going to do today in a simple resistance band series that you can do anytime, anywhere with a single band. Called the Band Row-to-Curl Countup, it’ll blast both bodyparts, and hit your abs more than you may think, too.

The best part, says Samuel. “It’s simple. All you’re going to do is sit down (quite literally) and get to work.”

The band row-to-curl countup has you

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