What Will Be Allowed Starting Monday

TWIN CITIES, MN — Starting Monday, what’s known as “dispersed” and “remote camping” will be allowed in Minnesota, per Gov. Tim Walz’s latest executive order called “Stay Safe MN.”

A dispersed campsite is defined as a “single campsite, not in a developed campground, used for overnight camping.” A remote campsite is a “designated backpack or watercraft campsite, not in a developed campground, used for overnight camping.”

Remote and dispersed camping typically happen in Minnesota state forests. Find out more on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.

Developed campgrounds will remain closed to recreational camping. Hiking and fishing are allowed at campgrounds, however.

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Here are a list of activities and facilities that will reopen or stay open Monday:

  • Minnesota State Parks, Trails, State Forests, State Recreation Areas, Wildlife

  • Management Areas, Scientific and Natural Areas, and other State managed

  • recreational lands.

  • Locally, regionally, and privately managed parks and trails.

  • State, regional, or local public water accesses.

  • Public and private marinas and docks that provide storage

  • Public and private golf courses and outdoor driving ranges

  • Ski areas.

  • Off-highway vehicles, snowmobiles, and watercraft repair shops, sales

  • facilities, and showrooms.

  • Lake service providers to install, repair, and remove docks, boatlifts, and other

  • water related equipment or deliver boats.

  • Bait and tackle shops.

  • Outdoor shooting ranges and game farms.

  • Outdoor tournaments, competitions, practices, and sports that allow for social distance, do not require group gatherings prohibited

  • Small one-on-one or one-on-two person guided and instructional activities such as guided fishing, birding, or outdoor fitness training.

Minnesota Starts Reopening Monday: 5 Things To Know

Gov. Tim Walz says the Stay Home order will not be extended. However, it will be replaced with a looser order called “Stay Safe MN.”

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