Tips for cycling during winter in the UK

If you are well prepared during winter, it can be fun to cycle. The atmosphere seems interesting, roads are misty, and there are beautiful sunrises and sunsets. One only needs to have the right equipment. Having to negotiate through the winter ice and rain will help you improve your balance, learn new skills, and increase your riding level. This article offers some tips that riders in the UK can use to cycle during winter.

Layer up
Riding with inappropriate clothing, during winter will leave you shivering. Winter requires that you keep yourself warm. Ensure that you have the appropriate thermal, waterproof and windproof gear to keep you warm and dry as you ride. This will ensure that you will not notice how cold it is during your rides. Have wicking and warm long-sleeve under layers with mid-layers that are breathable and insulated windproof and winter tight Jackets. There are various online sites offering cycling gear. You can read online reviews at the UK collected reviews, to find the appropriate platforms you can buy from. Reading about BikeZaar will also help find the appropriate gear you can choose for cycling in winter.

Be motivated
One thing that is hardest during winter is getting outdoors to ride, especially in early mornings when inside the bed is warm. Here even the slightest reason or distraction from riding such as not having a clean pair of riding socks can be sufficient to make one not come out of their warm duvet. You can prevent such excuses by ensuing that your riding kit is prepared typically a day before. You can also have a friend who you compete with this way. You will get motivated to get out with your bike no matter how cold it could be.

Try out new routes
If you keep on riding on the same roads daily, it can become monotonous. Try exploring new routes. In winter months Circuits can be fun, try out new circuit routes. If you need areas with enough light, get into an industrial estate as they are usually appropriately lit and free of traffic, guaranteeing safety. Ensure that once you’ve finished riding in the new route, you don’t hang out for long but return indoors, this is because chilling out for long can have you catch a cold.

Ride safe
It can be Nerve-wracking to ride during winter, ensure you are always safe by following the appropriate rules and regulations when cycling. Ensure that you can be seen to prevent collision with vehicles and other riders. Get the appropriate lights installed correctly. For example, avoid a rear light pointing in the wrong direction or covered by the rider’s jacket. The place that you ride on the road is also vital. Ensure that you follow the road regulations and stick to your position and space. Typically roads have enough space at the riders designated path. This will ensure that when visibility is low on misty days and cold mornings, and a driver tries to squeeze by, you have some space you can veer to.

Ensure that extremities are protected
Typically toes and fingers are susceptible to cold as little blood flow to them. Ensure you have worn appropriate clothes that shield the toes and fingers from the excess winter cold. Neck and ears are also weak points, ensure that you have a neck gaiter and beanie.

Ensure you have had enough drinks and Food
One of the essential things when cycling in winter is to ensure that you take enough healthy food. The body can use much energy trying to cope with the cold weather and at the same time, the physical activity of riding. While riding in winter may not see you sweat much the truth is that your body losses fluids when cycling regardless of the temperature, thus keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. If the temperatures are too low, mix your drink with warm and cold water to remove the chilling effect. If you are taking long rides, stops at cafes and have hot drinks with something like a piece of cake. During such a stop, ensure that you avoid cooling too much.

Ensure your bike has a good grip
It is essential to have bicycle tyres in good condition in winter. Bikes are prone to skidding during winter and having tyres with good treads will prevent it from skidding and potentially getting involved in an accident. This will also prevent you from unnecessary puncture fixes in a cold or rainy day.

In conclusion, cycling in winter can be fun if done in the right manner. The above tips will help you cycle well during your winter stay in the UK.