So is Marcy Weight Training Equipment Really That Good?

There is a variety of fitness equipment, each to fit the needs of the individual, from free weight equipment that requires a workout bench, to home gym leg & hip machines or home gym weight machines; there are different designs and categories of weight machine trainers. How do you choose your level of physical training? Look at a magazine that specializes body building, check the website and the selections available, speak to a fitness trainer, decide on what your body improvement goals are.

Actually, your decision about what you want to achieve is going to be the best way of deciding what you are going to need. Second thing to consider is the space you have available. Thirdly, consider the training time you have available – which will affect choices about how adjustments are made. You better think about your available financial resources as well. Yeah, it’s tough to have champagne wishes on a beer budget, but it’s better to have a realistic idea rather than ending up using a high priced piece of equipment in one of those hotels with bars, right?

Marcy Weight Training Equipment has a great variety, and can probably fit into your budget. Sweet, right? They have a home gym with 150 lb weight stack, compact design (for consideration #2), innovative press arm design that converts to vertical pec fly without having to make those time consuming adjustments and high and low pulley positions. They include instructional step-by-step exercise graphics that show you how to exercise all your major muscle groups. The price is attainable and will keep your bank account in good health.

The Smith Machine, what they call The Serious Choice, is a home weight gym cage. It has 4″ nylon pulleys, a frame structure that features a 7 degree slant designed to accommodate the natural upper and lower body movement, commercial grad pop pin adjustments with tightening features adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers, lat bar pull down, cross over, butterfly, low pulley, arm curl Smith cage, and a multi-function bench included preacher curl pad and sleeves on leg developer. The price is a bit more.

The champagne model is the Marcy Diamond Elite Personal Trainer and is a complete, easy to use home gym; it allows you to tighten and strengthen all your muscle groups. If you can review this one without going into cardiac arrest from the desire it evokes in you, by all means review. And if you have a healthy wallet, by all means consider it as a possibility. Remember, Marcy has something for everyone.

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