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Welcome to the show, Sherry Shaban! Sherry is a master in the field of fitness, nutrition and motivation to keep the plan working for you. With reality based nutrition, 20 minute workouts, and motivation to get anyone on track, even those of us with injuries and recovering from surgeries. https://www.sherryshaban.com/coaching “I believe we all have a story. We all have an obstacle standing in the way of our health and fitness, whether it be an injury, a condition or struggle with weight loss. We can choose for our story to define us, to weigh us down, to block us from achieving our greatest self. Or we can choose instead to rewrite our story and empower our deepest transformation.” Source: www.SherryShaban.com Follow Sherry: Website: www.SherryShaban.com Facebook: “Sherry Shaban” Instagram: @SherryShabanFitness Youtube: (Podcast: Fall in Love with Fitness) Sherry Shaban Fitness Channel