Pros and Cons of Buying and Using Multi-Gym Units

Some people prefer multi-gym units to free weights or other options because they are convenient, safer than free weights, and very easy to use. Many of them even come with details directions and demonstration DVDs. They look like someone took a bunch of gym machines and combined them together, and that’s what they basically are.

A few things you should know about these units. They are relatively large and expensive. Make sure you have enough room to fit them comfortable, which for many people means room in the basement. They also cost around $800 up to several thousand dollars, which is a bargain if you actually use them for many years.

Check the construction. They should have a very stable frame that doesn’t wobble. Upholstery should be securely and evenly sewn on. Make sure all the parts look sturdy and the weight stacks adjust easily and smoothly. Try several exercises on the multi-gym. Make sure the machine adjusts easily and appropriately to your size. Does it have all the exercises you prefer?

Also check the warranty. The frame should have a multi-year warranty and the rest of the machine at least 2+ months. You may be able to get a extended warranty merely by asking, but if not, they are rarely worth purchasing.

Also check on assembly. Most dealers will assemble and set up the gym for you although sometimes you need to ask. Ask before you buy!

Multi-gym units can be great investments if you choose a good unit, and of course if you use it! You don’t want it gathering dust like many abandoned exercise machines.

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