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It’s never too late to get in better shape or take control of your physical health!

If you’ve had trouble getting motivated or staying motivated, we have something that will help kickstart your new fitness regimen. It’s a 2-year subscription that combines fitness, nutrition, and wellness in one app. You’ll get unlimited access to meal plans, classes, and on-demand workouts that will greatly improve your wellbeing, making a healthier and happier you!

The Openfit Fitness & Wellness App includes 16 structured daily programs led by top fitness trainers, including Lita Lewis, Joey Thurman, and many more. Since these programs are on-demand, you can fit them into your busy, or not-so-busy life whenever you want. Plus, there are also over 450 classes featured each week, allowing you to set attainable goals and get to know your trainer better. Choose from barre, Pilates, cardio, strength training, yoga, stretching, and numerous other exercises at your disposal!

The app has a meal planner and nutrition tracker as well, providing you with delicious meal options with recipes that are easy to follow. The meal options will be based on your fitness goals to stay on track with your diet.

You can use the OpenFit app on your laptop or phone, or on your TV through Roku, AppleTV, and other streaming services. This way, if you’re not at home but want to squeeze in a workout, you can do it from your mobile device right in your hotel room.

OpenFit received stellar ratings on the AppStore (4.9 stars), GooglePlay (4.6 stars), and Consumer Voice (4.7 stars). One customer says, “This app keeps me so motivated and excited to work out, they have so many options of different types of workouts, so you can do what you want. This keeps me on track and keeps my workouts done in [a] timely manner.”

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