NordicTrack Equipment – The Good, Bad And The Ugly

With all the talk about exercise equipment one name stands out above all the others Nordic Track.

There are many different kinds of exercise equipment manufactured by NordicTrack, such as the elliptical trainer, rowing machines, treadmills, stationary bicycles, and many others. The company also has nutritional products as well as apparel for exercising.

The equipment from Nordic Track is thought highly of by the users. The machines provide an effective workout and are very quiet when used. For example, the NordicTrack CXT 910 is a wonderful way to get in shape.

The only problem that users have with this machine is its lack of incline and decline options. The most negative feature of this machine is the difficulty involved in its assembly. Even the experts seemed to have problems putting it together.

As with any piece of exercise equipment, some will break easily. Although this has not been a problem with most of the NordicTrack equipment, the main problem seems to be the service the company provides.

Those that have reported problems claim that they cannot get the repairs done in a suitable tine frame or that they cannot get a response from the company.

Overall, this exercise equipment does not appear to have good reviews. The users say that when the machine is working you can get an effective workout. They say that for the most part they are heavy and there are many parts that make them uncomfortable to use.

So, here it is – the good, bad and ugly of NordicTrack machines. Go to the nearest fitness store and try one before you buy one …

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