Muay Thai Training Program at Phuket and Health Benefits

How Can Your Business Benefit from Muay Thai Training In Phuket and Thailand  ?

Muay Thai program is considered Thai Boxing. It is a combination of Martial Arts and combat sports. This technique originates from Muay Boran (traditional Martial Arts). This type of boxing was first seen in the 20th century. This is the same era when people started to ditch ropes and started wearing boxing gloves.  

Art of 8 Limbs 

It is also called the art of 8 limbs. It uses the combined power of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. A Muay Thai practitioner is famous by the name of Nak Muay. The professional league of this sport is The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand. 

This technique is as old as time, but this technique has so many benefits. Therefore, many have joined camps so that they can get involved in the necessary training needed. This technique is widely used for self-defense tactics. While it is true that this technique will help you during a fight, it should also be noted that it has many health benefits that should not be ignored. 

Healthy Advantages of Muay Thai 

It is gaining popularity day by day. The reason for this is that it has a large number of health benefits. Many think that it can only be used during a fight. Below are some of the advantages: 

Weight Loss 

The first and the most prominent benefit of Muay Thai program at Phuket is weight loss. This is an era of junk food. People do not have time to prepare food and rely heavily on fast food. This will lead to a weight gain of unparallel proportions. This technique is a rigorous exercise that engages your core. It is thought that an hour of this exercise will lead to the burning up of thousands of calories.  

This will allow you to eat without any restrictions because you will burn all the extra calories during this workout. 

Muscle Gain 

While you are losing weight engaging your core, you are also gaining muscles. This technique tones up the muscles of the abdomen and legs. Incorporating this into your exercise routine will ensure that you gain toned-up muscles. As this is called the art of 8 limbs, it uses all the key point muscles; thus, you will lose the extra weight and tone up your muscles as well. The overall fitness also increases due to partaking in this exercise.  

Stress Relief 

Muay Thai is a good stress reliever as stress is the precursor of many diseases. It will provide a perfect solution to decompress after a rough day. This technique helps you in gaining self-control not just physically but also mentally. By doing one hour of this exercise, you can relieve the stress of the full one day. You will learn self-defense and will release stress side-by-side. 


It has been established that Muay Thai from is an example of combat sports. People move to Phuket Island in search of good instructors so that they can learn good form. Now, you know that it also has many health benefits that will help you in the future. Patients suffering from cardiovascular disease can also benefit from this workout.