How To Choose The Best Labiaplasty Surgeon

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What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation operations restore the vaginal area’s look and tightness. This operation is popular among women who want to reverse the effects of motherhood and ageing or who want to improve the appearance of their genitals. The procedure surgically restores or enhances the function and appearance of the vaginal area.

Today, many women seek a one-time treatment for this portion of their body for increased confidence. They want to feel comfortable both in and out of their garments. This outpatient surgery requires little to no downtime and has immediate effects. Women of all ages feel at ease discussing this subject with a labiaplasty surgeon.

Labiaplasty is a procedure for women with larger labia, asymmetric labia, or other female genital problems. The surgery will lower the size or alter the shape of the lips on the vaginal wall and address any abnormalities.

How to make the right choice for a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reshapes the labia majora or minora to give them a more pleasing, symmetrical appearance. The treatment can significantly affect a woman’s general self-confidence and self-esteem. It can also be a life-changing treatment that reduces the discomfort caused by extra skin tugging and pinching during intercourse or other exercises such as jogging or cycling.

Labiaplasty surgeons have completed extensive training and certifications – their area of expertise is aesthetic medicine, the discipline of strategically rearranging or altering tissue to get the best possible appearance and usefulness. Only a cosmetic surgeon has the talent to make aesthetic alterations that deal with any anatomical obstacles, thanks to these talents and an inherent aptitude to recognise the aesthetic form. While your OB-GYN is undoubtedly the best doctor for yearly checkups, pap smears, yeast infections, and birth control options, these doctors are rarely trained to undertake any vaginal rejuvenation operation.

On a prospective surgeon’s website, check for before and after photographs of labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, vaginal reconstruction, and vaginal rejuvenation procedures, as well as reviews. Make an appointment with at least two different surgeons, either in person or virtually. It is always good to have a second opinion.

A virtual appointment is one in which you provide close-up, in-focus photo files of your vulva from several distinct perspectives: from above; straight-on with your legs spread apart so that the vaginal opening can be seen; and straight-on from both left and right angles.

If you have an in-person appointment, pay attention to how the office staff treats you! Consider the following questions:

  • Are they well-informed? 
  • Do they treat you with respect, ask the right questions, explain and assist you, or are they unhelpful, dismissive, and appear to know little to nothing? 
  • Is it easy to converse with the doctor when you chat with them? 
  • Do they thoroughly understand your emotions, desired objective, and what you want to achieve functionally and aesthetically? 
  • Do they go over your anatomy, realistic expectations, recovery, anaesthetic, and other topics with you? 
  • Finally, are they experienced enough to conduct surgery in their office surgical suite, under local anaesthetic, which is simpler to recover from, safer, and less expensive for labiaplasty and vaginal reconstruction procedures? 

Take the time after your consultation to evaluate your experience. 

The importance of an aftercare routine

It’s crucial not to ignore the aftercare routine! Consider the below questions: 

  • Is this something that the office staff and the surgeon have discussed with you? 
  • Do you feel safe? 
  • Have you and your prospective surgeon thoroughly discussed surgical planning, the procedure, pain management options, and immediate and long-term recovery? 
  • Is the surgeon’s team of staff helpful in making local arrangements if you’re travelling for your surgery? Do they realise how tough it is for you to return home following surgery in a fair amount of time?

It is essential to get answers to all of your questions. 

Labiaplasty surgeons need to be open and honest about the risks and give you comprehensive informed consent. There are a lot of questions to ask yourself, but the key is to feel comfortable with your labiaplasty surgeon.

Inexperienced surgeons typically ignore this often forgotten part of complete care, whereas careful, experienced surgeons take time. 

Will I Ever Need This Procedure Again?

Labiaplasty is a one-time, long-lasting procedure when used as a reduction surgery. You may never need this procedure again unless complications arise. Labiaplasty using fat or filler injections may require follow-up sessions.

You should be aware that your labiaplasty may be affected if you decide to have children after your treatment. Many people prefer to have their labiaplasty after they’ve finished having children.

The most important thing is how you feel

It can be uncomfortable to discuss your genitalia. Know that your surgeon will be there for you no matter why you’re considering surgery. Don’t be afraid to talk to your surgeon about your aims and concerns. Your labiaplasty surgeon will pay close attention to you and answer your questions about the surgery, including how it will be conducted and what results to expect. Labiaplasty patients report increased self-confidence in appearance, a more comfortable active life and sex life, and a general improvement in life quality.