How much should I feed my dog? How much food to keep your pup healthy.

Beatrice J. Doty

So you’ve come household from the shelter with a new pup — or maybe a scruffy, old dog confirmed up on your doorstep. Nonetheless you finished up with this four-legged good friend, how to feed and choose treatment of it effectively is very likely one of the very first things on your head.

According to Wag, your doggy could encounter pointless excess weight loss, lessen electrical power, nutrition-relevant health-related disorders and even death if you’re not feeding it adequate meals.

On the other hand, Born Free Pet Food stuff claims overfeeding your canine can guide to weight problems, which is joined to heart and respiratory issues, as very well as a shorter daily life — not to mention the dollars you’d be squandering on all that extra kibble.

How a lot need to I feed my canine?

All canine are distinct, but the finest practice is to simply adhere to the guidelines on your dog food bag.

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