How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost In Colombia

A smile is the prettiest detail a human being can have on, so make certain you have the wonderful a single. In the eyes of attractiveness specifications, a smile with white and aligned tooth is attractive. Dental care and typical visits to the dentist are vital to protecting healthy white enamel. Nevertheless, most dental products and services demand lots of visits and are costly in the US and Canada. Fortunately, Colombia features affordable dental methods, such as veneers, enamel alignment, crowning, root canal, and enamel whitening. So if you are traveling to the South, visit Colombia and return with a brighter and far more lovely smile, which will preserve you a whole lot of revenue. The subsequent description points out the cost, the range of visits, rewards, and aftercare ideas for enamel whitening in Colombia.


Tooth whitening, also acknowledged as enamel bleaching, is a dental process to whiten and brighten your tooth and get rid of stains, plaque, and tartar. In this beauty treatment method, typically made use of bleaching brokers are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These bleaches destain your tooth, take out hyperpigmentation, and support you get a improved smile. You can pick many treatment solutions, from in-business office to house kits and laser treatments.

Nevertheless, the query is can everybody get it? Not all enamel can get whitened by the identical method because of the variable brings about of tooth staining, aspect effects, and uncommon implications. Also, people today with tooth and gum diseases and sensitivity or who have restored the dental framework by crowning, implantation, and veneers simply cannot get this teeth whitening course of action. Thus, it is very best to seek the advice of your dentist before arriving for tooth whitening in Colombia.

It truly is Very affordable

Tooth whitening in Colombia is low-cost, so you can comfortably spare some time from your vacations and get a 2-hour remedy that may cost you all around 50 to 150 USD. Distinctive dental clinics in Colombia give the identical remedy having said that, the price may possibly range dependent on the particular person dentists’ expenses and area.

High Excellent

Colombia’s clinical and dental tourism business is quickly flourishing owing to the providers of experienced health-related staff members and state-of-the-art facilities. Upon completing their 5-calendar year instruction program, Colombian dentists need to operate in the public sector for a single yr before becoming totally competent. Following that, dentists undergo specialization and additional training based on their interests. A Colombian dentist works by using entire world-renowned manufacturers and the superior-finish products you would come across in your dwelling nation. So really don’t get worried about paying out a lot less for a terrific outcome trust the process.


Higher-top quality bleaching effects from the very best tooth whitening technique in Colombia and can final up to six months to a few yrs, supplied you comply with the aftercare program proficiently. Furthermore, for the greatest effects to very last extended, it is vital to prevent consuming beverages and tooth-staining foodstuff goods. Common brushing and flossing are also crucial.

In Colombia, the price tag of a laser enamel whitening procedure usually is 100 USD. In comparison, the price tag of an at-home package is 150 USD. In some places, these as Medellin, the cure fees close to 50 USD per session and requires 4 periods to comprehensive. The cost is lower in contrast to the US and Canadian dental products and services, and you can get pleasure from a tour trip to Colombia although receiving a brighter smile.

Thee are numerous unique varieties of tooth whitening strategies and solutions that you can choose for your remedy. It includes custom-match trays, laser bleaching, whitening strips, and toothpaste. In Colombia, laser and at-house kit remedy are the most well-liked procedure with the finest outcomes, minimal price, and less visits.

In this procedure, your dentist very first cleans and destains your teeth, e.g., eliminating plaque, tartar, and foodstuff parts. Cleansing tooth is important right before implementing the tooth whitening gel so that it may not interact with the gel or deteriorate the final results. Immediately after that, the dentist applies the gel built of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide with terrific treatment so it may well not contact the gums. Following application, laser light-weight is made use of to affix the gel to enamel enamel. It really is an uncomplicated course of action that will take only a single session and usually prices all around 100 US bucks.



Just after your dentist scans the graphic of your teeth in the very first session, the lab technician tends to make personalized-in good shape trays for you. At the time these are completely ready, you are once again requested to check out the clinic, get all the crucial information, and use safety measures. The easy process is to area the tooth whitening gel inside of the trays working with a syringe and use it on your teeth enamel. The gel interacts with oxygen and exerts its leaching action on your tooth. You can don it for an hour day-to-day for the best final results. Typically, it takes two months to complete the procedure. In addition, the effects might fluctuate depending on the toughness of the bleaching agent, right software, everyday wearing, and therapy program.


Dental procedures, flights, and resort residences are all comparatively inexpensive in Colombia, almost certainly due to the trade level. It indicates One particular US dollar in Colombia is worth 4323.28 Colombian Pesos. Therefore, you can get your dental solutions below whilst traveling, which will not expense you a great deal.

  • Brush regularly in the morning and at night just before likely to mattress
  • Use dental floss to clear away food crumbs
  • Use encouraged whitening toothpaste and strips
  • Steer clear of consuming drinks like espresso, tea, and chilly drinks.
  • Do not smoke and consume to last lengthy your tooth whitening procedure.
  • Stay clear of foods and candies that may well stain your tooth.