How FitOn Grew From Zero To Six Million Users In Under 18 Months

Health and fitness apps grew by 46% worldwide in 2020 and are continuing with a yearly 21% CAGR. In America, 74% of people use at least one fitness app. While the pandemic helped boost the use of health and fitness apps, FitOn had been steadily growing before March of 2020 making it one of the top-rated apps in the North American App Store. FitOn has grown from zero to six million members, six times the number of Peloton’s digital members, in the past 18 months and is on track to hit 20 million members by the end of 2021. Additionally, members of FitOn completed 450 million workouts minutes in 2020 with one billion workout minutes set to be completed by the end of the year.

With over 150 thousand five star reviews on the App Store, what makes FitOn so attractive to new users? Founder and CEO, Lindsay Cook, suggests FitOn’s success stems from a wide variety of options in terms of types and length of workouts, meditations and community in conjunction with the basic version being completely free. “FitOn has continuously grown as it brings together everything people are looking for right now. The widest variety of premium video workouts from world-class trainers, celebrity workouts, meditations, and recipes all in one place and makes it accessible for everyone to find time to get fit, but also to work out together with their friends and family,” said Cook. “With FitOn, you can work out with your friends and family for FREE and it brings more people onto the platform. Most fitness apps just focus on getting you to pay but not on the actual experience after that. As a category most fitness apps only retain 15% of users in their first 30 days. Our retention is 4X this as we’re focused on the actual product experience and driving lasting engagement.”

Cook started FitOn trying to solve her own problem of finding time to fit in a workout in between being a busy mom and having a full-time career. She initially found her love for the intersection of technology and consumer product early in her career while at Microsoft. Half a decade later, she became one of the first marketers on the FitBit team and made her way to Head of Devices and VP of Product Marketing, where she truly got excited about the world of health and fitness.

Between her long hours as an executive and having young kids at home, Cook found it nearly impossible to carve out time for the gym or her favorite studio classes. Searching for fitness products on the digital side, she was disappointed with what was available on the App Store. “So many of the apps commanded high prices for what were basic and uninspiring products like GIFs of someone doing a pushup. I also spent a lot of time getting lost on YouTube just trying to find a quick and efficient workout. It became clear that there was a huge opportunity to build a better product so I took that leap from employee to entrepreneur,” shared cook. 

 Shortly after launching the app in late 2018, Cook began partnering with major players in the fitness space and celebrities to create customized workouts and programs within the app. Members can work out with Jonathan Van Ness, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and trainers like Cassey Ho, Katie Dunlop and Christine Bullock. More recently, FitOn has built in-app experiences for Orange Theory and Zumba. Users can also access hundreds of meditations, meal plans and recipes while enjoying workouts such as boxing, yoga, pilates, HIIT, weightlifting, Tabata, stretching and more. “The beauty of the platform we have built is we give access and freedom to everyone to get fit and take time for themselves. It is essential to take care of your body first, so you can take care of others. At the end of the day our brand represents self-care, self-love and encourages support by offering more than just fitness, but providing a resource for nutrition, mental health, wellness and much more,” explained cook. 

 FitOn was ahead of the curve before society even fathomed the possibility of having to work out at home due to the pandemic. Cook just knew there needed to be a place whenever and whenever for people to enjoy the benefits of health and wellness.