Frame Fitness and the Frame Reformer emerge as leaders in the Pilates market

Photo courtesy Frame Fitness

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While Pilates has been around for more than a century, the ballet-born exercise has exploded into mega-popularity over recent years for its wealth of positive health benefits. Beyond the requisite aesthetic body-toning and lengthening results, Pilates has been positively correlated with reducing depression, decreasing back pain, improving posture, and acting as a form of physical therapy for injuries, offering something for everybody, no matter the size, age or gender. Still, with covid-19 turning consumers away from the gym and into their homes, following a proper and effective Pilates away from studios’ reformer machinery has been no easy feat.

Now, Frame Fitness has introduced a new player into the exercise marketplace that’s set to make at-home reformer Pilates both accessible and high-performance: the Frame Reformer.

Rather than leaving users to figure out their routine on their own, former Pilates teacher and Frame Fitness CEO Melissa Bentivoglio designed the Frame Reformer has come with its own built-in digital screen that gives exercisers access to Frame Fitness’ extensive library of both live and on-demand classes. Since incorrect form can lead to injury – the opposite of Pilates intended effects – Frame Fitness’ team of expert trainers helps users arrive at the results they desire and deserve without hurting themselves in the process. 

Despite its foldability for ease of at-home storage at home, the Frame Reformer’s aesthetics have never been sacrificed throughout its meticulous design. Built to be a sleek and elegant addition to the home, the reformer’s refined white and black colorways offer a sophisticatedly subtle take on stereotypically bulky exercise equipment. And with the capability of catering to essentially every available body type, Frame Fitness has created a piece of homebound fitness machinery fit for the masses.

As health and wellness is expected to remain paramount in the public’s psyche post-pandemic, innovations like in the at-home fitness sector, like the Frame Fitness Frame Reformer, will vitally reshape the world of exercise along the way, bring the power of Pilates home in its most efficient format yet.

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