Everything You Should Know About Cellulite 

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Excess weight is the cause of many health and figure problems. The list of diseases that are much more likely to develop in overweight people than in people whose weight corresponds to the physiological norm is quite large.

Excess weight affects absolutely all systems and organs. Such diseases include lipodystrophy or cellulite. It is an inflammation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue that occurs due to disturbances in blood microcirculation and lymph flow. As a result, there are structural changes in the skin.

Excess Weight And Cellulite

The peculiarities of the female body explain the fact that cellulite develops in women and not in men. First, physiologically, women are more prone to the accumulation of body fat than men. And this is due to the reproductive function of the body. As a result, the female body needs a strategic energy reserve in case of pregnancy and gestation. 

Secondly, the skin of females is much thinner than that of men. The connective tissues are looser, and the fat cells themselves are larger in size. So in overweight women, the skin begins to quickly lose elasticity and smoothness. As a result, irregularities appear on the skin, and it becomes covered with an “orange peel cellulite”. Most often, cellulite in overweight women manifests itself in such areas of the body:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach
  • Waist
  • Shoulders

Stages of Cellulite Development

If excess weight significantly exceeds the norm, then lipodystrophy spreads to other parts of the body, affecting most of the skin. So, there are several stages in the development of this disease:

  • The First Stage: The first stage is also called soft cellulite. The initial stage of development of lipodystrophy is characterized by the appearance of small edema caused by the stagnation of interstitial fluid in the subcutaneous fatty tissues.
  • Second Stage: At this stage, the microcirculation of blood and lymph flow slows down, the turgor of all skin integuments decreases. And in areas of the body where fat deposits are, bumps appear, and slight dents remain when pressed on the skin.
  • Third Stage: Inflammation of fatty tissue at this stage leads to liposclerosis, and not only bumps and depressions but also subcutaneous nodes appear on the skin of the affected areas of the body.
  • Fourth Stage: The extreme degree of development of cellulite causes structural changes in the skin. Numerous knots and areas of hardening appear on them, as well as pain when pressed.

Causes Of Cellulite

Excess body weight is the main but not the only cause of lipodystrophy. In some cases, cellulite develops in women with normal weight. Among the most common causes of the appearance of “orange peel” in women without excess weight are the following:

  1. Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

The presence of these bad habits negatively affects the entire body as a whole. For this reason, the regenerative and protective functions of the body get reduced. Moreover, disturbances in the operation of all systems occur, and metabolic processes slow down. 

In addition, the high glycemic index of alcoholic beverages and the high number of calories they contain contribute to weight gain. It is especially common in the LGBT community because alcohol abuse is prevalent in them. So if you belong to the similar community, get help from special LGBT rehab centers, which will help you recover and stay fit.

  1. Genetics

If a woman has an endomorphic body type, it causes slow metabolism and an innate predisposition to weight gain. If you do not follow proper nutrition and lack physical activity, then the risk of developing lipodystrophy increases several times. 

In some cases, even if an endomorph woman leads a healthy lifestyle and prevents critical weight gain, accumulations of subcutaneous fat deposits. It can give the skin on problem parts of the body tuberosity and slight signs of orange peel cellulite.

  1. Malnutrition

Eating disorders include bad habits, such as the abuse of high-calorie foods and the lack of a regimen in eating. It also includes the observance of strict diets that lead to temporary weight loss and a subsequent increase in body fat. 

So the body tries to compensate for the stress received from the lack of food. In conditions of hunger or unbalanced nutrition, the body acts on the principle of accumulating energy (fat deposits) in order to use it in the long term.

  1. Sedentary Lifestyle 

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of targeted physical activity cause signs of cellulite to appear. During the motor activity, lymph flow and microcirculation of blood saturated with oxygen increase. 

As a result, intercellular metabolism gets accelerated, and tissue nutrition also gets improved. Therefore, increasing physical activity is the simplest way for dealing with both extra pounds and cellulite. It also helps to deal with diseases resulting from physical inactivity.

Prevention And Elimination Of Cellulite

To prevent the appearance of cellulite and stop the development of lipodystrophy if it occurs, you can use the following simple recipes:

  • Adjust the diet and food intake in accordance with the principles of proper, healthy and balanced nutrition. To do this, you need to exclude all harmful foods from the menu, and healthy foods should be consumed. In addition, you should adhere to the daily calorie intake so that there are no unused calories in the body.
  • Eliminate or minimize bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Increase the intensity of motor activity by regularly doing fitness and leading an active lifestyle
  • Regularly take courses of anti-cellulite massage, which improves blood and lymph circulation in places with obvious signs of cellulite.
  • Carry out cosmetic procedures, such as scrubs using factory-made creams and ointments. You can also use homemade mixtures made from simple methods.

We mentioned major causes of cellulite and methods you can adopt to prevent it. In this article, we also mentioned different stages of cellulite. Knowing about these things will help you deal with cellulite properly.