Everything You Need To Know About AA before Joining

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As the severity of addiction cases in our nation is increasing, the need of coming up with solid addiction treatment is simultaneously rising. Seeing as there is not really a permanent solution to get rid of the addiction problem, we have to deal with what we have. And what we have is some of the most effective addiction therapeutic treatments.

Alcoholics Anonymous, an international fellowship of women and men of all ages who are not only obsessed with alcohol but who also abuse drugs. When you will arrive at the suboxone clinic to get treatment for suboxone addiction, the therapist would be the best judge to choose the best therapy session for you according to your preference, condition, and co-occurring disorders. The membership to AAA meetings is open to anyone who is willing to leave their life of addiction behind. One can include this therapy in their aftercare addiction treatment routine.

Ideal candidates for AA

AA is greatly accepted as one of the most efficient psychotherapy treatment for suboxone addiction norton. AA has two types of meetings, one is an open meeting that can be attended by anyone and the other variant is a closed meeting for members only.

The closed meeting is for members only and for people with alcohol dependency only. The open meeting is for those who are not only suffering from drug dependency but also other issues as well.

How does it work?

AA meetings are based on the classic 12 step model but it doesn’t have to follow its rules as it is to complete the addiction treatment at suboxone centers. However, the affectivity of following the 12 step program is better.

The first step of getting AA therapy is obviously becoming a member of the group and that can be done only by joining one of their meetings. The therapist or the host of the meeting will encourage new members to share their stories with others and get information from other members on how the meetings will progress.

After they are somewhat knowledgeable, they will be encouraged to go through 90 meetings in 90 days. That means, for approximately 3 months, the members will have to come to the meetings regularly. And that is exactly why; suboxone treatment centers norton members find this therapy of choice especially helpful as it helps them cope with the early stage of addiction recovery.

After the 3 months of addiction therapy is done, the members might be encouraged to attend the meetings further and if possible for the rest of their lives. As it will help them to support their sober state and also to catch themselves before relapsing. The members help one another to achieve sobriety and then maintaining it by providing support at the time of crisis. The members will also be assigned to a sponsor if he or she have been addicted for a long time or have relapsed many times before even after getting extensive treatment from sublocade treatment doctor.

The sponsor will be responsible to take care of the person at all times, they will be available for the patient to provide support and therapy on-spot. The patient can also call them in an emergency moment to get phone therapy if they are not available to provide support in person.

Disadvantages of AA meetings

Even though, there are several advantages of joining an AA meeting it also has its disadvantages as well. For starters, many patients don’t really feel comfortable talking about their issues in front of so many strangers no matter welcoming they are. And that is why they prefer getting individual therapy at the suboxone centers near me. There is another downfall of joining AA meetings and that is the members are not really individually treated by the therapist. All the members get treatment as a team by sharing their issues and the therapist briefly going over those.

Effectiveness of AA

AA individually cannot treat addiction as the person will have to follow the other aspects of addiction treatment thoroughly as well. People who have been members of AA have been sober for a long time than people who have tried to quit drugs on their own. The members not only get support from the therapist but also from the more experienced members of the group. Hence their chances of staying sober increase greatly. Ensure that you are continually taking a sublocade shot along with the therapy to reduce the chances of relapse greatly.