Crim Fitness Foundation launches year-round health and wellness program

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – The Crim Fitness Foundation is taking its health and wellness program year-round.

Crim365 is designed like a virtual health club to help members stay active and health all year. The program includes all aspects of wellness, including mindfulness, nutrition, community involvement and running or walking.

“We’ve been hearing from our community for years that, while they love the CrimFit Training Program, they wanted more than the four months during the summer. They wanted to be able to be part of something all year round,” said Crim Assistance Race Director Joe Dimambro.

Members of Crim365 get access to exclusive webinars with experts talking about innovations in training, finding the right nutritional balance and leading a more mindful lifestyle. They also will receive discounts from Flint-area businesses, get access to private Strava Facebook groups and receive high-end swag several times a year.

Organizers hope Crim365 members develop a support system to help each member achieve their fitness goals.

“Ultimately, we are here to help support you in your goals for health and fitness, whatever that means to you,” Dimambro said.

The Crim foundation has conducted a significant amount of research and planning to make Crim365 a quality experience for everyone involved.

“We’ve heard that especially now, people need this. They need a community atmosphere and the ability to live healthier, not just by staying active but also learn techniques for stress reduction, how to eat better and much more,” said Crim CEO Lauren Holaly-Zembo

Click here for more information about Crim365 and the registration process.

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