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Everyone desires a beautiful smile. If only our smile could be transformed in an instant right? The truth remains that, many of us require assistance to achieve that perfect set of teeth. The reward of good alignment doesn’t end in graceful smiles only. The American Dental Association explains that the health of our teeth and gums is significantly impacted by alignment. It goes as far as affecting proper cleaning of our mouths, preventing tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease.

Thankfully, today, a growing number of people are able to successfully attain well aligned and healthy teeth by using orthodontic devices known as aligners. If you want to know more about teeth aligners, read Byte reviews

Byte Aligners

Aligners aren’t new to the market. They have been around for about two decades now but only recently gained fame. Until aligners became popular and convenient to use, adults who sought straighter teeth only had the option of braces. Relevant comments about Byte aligners in Reddit

Unlike the metal braces we’re mostly familiar with, these aligners are plastic, transparent and detachable. This is what makes them so convenient for home use. 



Aligners are barely noticeable in your mouth; hence, they’re also known as invisible braces. While braces use brackets joined by wires to gently shift the teeth, aligners achieve similar results through customizable mouthpieces that fit snugly over the teeth. 

What are Byte aligners?

Byte is a unique teledentistry company that provides orthodontic therapy using invisible aligners to qualified customers. Traditional orthodontic treatment can be inconvenient, expensive and even dangerous but Byte offers a safe, affordable and convenient alternative with their aligners.

Byte is essentially an at-home aligner. This means that the whole treatment process is done at home. Byte delivers its clear aligners or “invisible braces” to your doorstep. You may never make one single trip to the dentist’s office from day one to the end of your orthodontic treatment. They have a team of qualified dentists and orthodontists who prepare and monitor your treatment regimen.

Byte aligners are a set of smooth, transparent plastic and are custom-made to match the curves of your teeth. Byte only offers aligners for people who are 12 years and above. This is because it is expected at this age that you have all your adult teeth. Although, this needs to be confirmed by Byte’s team. Reviews about Byte Aligners in NewMouth


The prerequisite for Byte treatment doesn’t end there. You only qualify for Byte’s detachable plastic aligners if you have minor to moderate teeth misalignment. More than that, Byte won’t be a good fit for you. It is safe to say that the very first step in having Byte aligner before and after the experience is qualifying for treatment. Byte aligners can correct, in this context anything from teeth crowding, space and rotation. 

Do Byte aligners work?

Is it possible for a few small bits of plastic to make a significant difference in your smile? Well, you’ll find a lot of Byte teeth straightening reviews online but you’ll be excited to know what strange manoeuvres your body is capable of under the right circumstances.

Proper dental alignment isn’t just about the individual tooth placement but about other teeth. It also encompasses how the upper and lower jaws interact when they meet. In a normal setting, the top molars should sit nicely into the grooves in the bottom molars at the back of the mouth. Simultaneously, the upper teeth in front should fit only slightly above your bottom teeth. Too forward and you’ll have an overbite. Too little – an underbite. 

How does Byte align your teeth?

Before you can achieve a Byte aligner before and after the story, you’ll need to undergo the slow process of shifting and aligning your teeth. This typically requires you to wear your aligners for 22+ hours a day and a series of months. 

Byte invisible aligners are made of the medical-grade polymer film. They’re easy on the gums, smooth and durable. But don’t be deceived by their gentle appearance. They are high impact, resistant to tear and well able of shifting your teeth in your jaw.

With each successive set of aligners, your teeth adjust slowly until you reach your goal. Traditional braces straighten the teeth all at once but Byte aligners adjust one segment at a time. 

Byte orthodontic staff will construct a smile (set of aligners) that is uniquely yours based on dental impressions that you make at home and send to them. Then you’ll receive a set of aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place as you use them.

You must change your aligners as often as your orthodontists recommend until treatment is finished. Reviews about Byte in Smile Prep.  


Byte Aligners

Byte aligner treatment plans

Your Byte aligner before and after transformation begins with a bite. To take that bite, you’ll have to order an impression kit. This is your first contact with Byte where Byte’s team assesses your eligibility for treatment. Each kit contains all you need to take two bits peradventure something goes wrong with the first bite. At this point, you also choose your treatment plan. Byte’s treatment regimen comes in two varieties; one that can be worn all day and another that can only be worn at night.

All-Day Aligners

This plan is just as it sounds – you wear the invisible aligners practically all day and every day for the entire duration of your treatment.  The all-day aligner is the less expensive alternative but it comes at a cost of wearing the aligners for 22 hours or more every day. This approach is supplemented with a 5 minute daily Hyperbyte use.

The All-day plan is less expensive but you’ll be wearing them around all day and while you’re asleep too. The average treatment plan duration using this plan is 4 months. That’s a month faster than the all-night plan.


All-Night Aligners

This plan offers a good deal. You don’t wear your aligners during the day only at night while you sleep. Wear them for only 10 hours every night and you’re good to go. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But it comes at a cost. Instead of 4 months, the all-night aligner plan has an average treatment duration of 5 months. That’s one additional month of wearing aligners. Also, this plan is the more expensive option. 

Byte all-night Aligners

What your Byte treatment plan entails

Your impression kit must have arrived with instructions on how to make them. Try not to mess them up. After sending in your impressions to Byte’s lab, you’ll get a treatment plan call from their experts. Within 4 to 6 weeks from that time, Byte will send you 15 sets of aligners to begin your treatment. This initial set should suffice for your dental transformation but if you will need more aligners, your providers will let you know. They’ll come later in a separate shipment.

Each treatment plan is unique and each person and each person advances at his own pace. You’ll wear each set of aligners for one week at a time. Each week a different set is aimed at correcting a particular segment. Byte staff will reach out in the 13th week to monitor your progress, remotely.

Be careful not to discard any aligner you’ve used even if you’ve passed that stage. Your treatment plan requires you to keep all your aligners. Byte’s dental team may advise you to return in a week if you have concerns about the fit or if you lose one. 

Is Byte treatment painful?

There is a level of discomfort associated with the use of Byte aligners. Your teeth have nerve endings inside of them. As the aligners use pressure to shift your teeth into the right location, each press can irritate these nerves and produce discomfort.

Byte Aligners treatment

It will sting a little during your treatment, particularly when you’re switching an old aligner for a new set. You might get a dull aching that gets worse when you bite down. The most discomfort is felt during the early stages of therapy when your teeth are continually shifting. You can expect the pain to reduce as you get to the later stages when only minor adjustments happen.

Take note that aligners shouldn’t cause you to be unable to speak, eat or carry out your daily activities. If this happens, you should talk to your management team about it and look into the problem. However, some minor discomfort is expected.

You may use your preferred over-the-counter medications but Byte doesn’t leave you to OTC painkillers alone. Byte promises that only five minutes of its HyperByte regimen a day and you’ll feel much less pain.

If you look on the bright side, the pain or soreness is a sign that your teeth are shifting and your aligner is working.

What is HyperByte?

HyperByte functions through high-frequency vibrations that help to reduce the discomfort of the aligners. It loosens the bonds between your teeth such that you won’t experience as much strain or discomfort as you normally would during therapy.

The device also helps the Byte aligner fit firmly around your teeth allowing more precise teeth movement. Ultimately, your treatment duration is significantly reduced with HyperByte. HyperByte is covered and included in the kit you purchase. Byte uses the HyperByte technology to speed up your orthodontic treatment plan. 

Depending on the Byte aligner plan you are on, you will be required to use HyperByte for either five or ten minutes every day. However, if your teeth become uncomfortable while using the aligners, Byte recommends a few extra minutes to relieve the pain.


How do you keep your teeth white and aligner clean and fresh? The answer – BrightByte. Byte doesn’t leave anything to chance. With BrightByte, you get teeth whitener, a breath freshener and a cleaner all in one. Simply apply some of the foam to your aligner before you wear them and it automatically cleans it and whitens your teeth. 

Like HyperByte, your aligner set comes with a bottle of BrightByte. If you need more, you can order at $30 per bottle, $25 for a three-bottle set or $20 for a six-bottle set.

How do you use HyperByte

The device is shaped like a U sitting on a stalk. It is only about the size of your hand and ought to be used on your teeth. Before you use the HyperByte, make sure you have your aligners on. Then, with the handle, place the bite plate in between your teeth, bite down gently and switch on the device. 

You don’t need to bite down hard. You should notice a faint buzzing vibration similar to brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush. These high-frequency vibrations generate pulses that travel down your teeth and back up, scooting the aligners into position and relieving any discomfort you may be feeling.

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You can use HyperByte anywhere. It is rechargeable via a USB port and can easily slide into your bag while you’re out, ready to be used anytime. 

With HyperByte, your teeth faster and at the same time feels better, isn’t that exciting?


Getting started on your Byte aligner treatment

The whole process begins on your request. How do you do this? You order the Byte Impression Kit. This is where your eligibility for Byte therapy is assessed. The Impression Kit is a set that allows you to send an accurate depiction of your current smile. The Impression Kit costs $95. When it arrives, take your impressions and mail them back to their lab, you would consequently get a call from Byte. If you qualify for treatment, you may proceed to buy the full aligner set. 

If you aren’t a good candidate for Byte, the cost of the Impression Kit is refundable. You’ll get your money back. Yes, even after exhausting the Kit.

After Byte receives your impressions, an orthodontist will examine them and create a 3D visualization of your smile using computers. You’ll be able to see what your smile will look like after your treatment. You can view your Byte aligner before and after 3D image by logging into your Byte Account Center online.

Can you eat or drink with your aligners in?

Byte recommends that you can only have still water with your aligner, nothing else. Every other thing can interfere with your treatment and damage your aligners. Eating while wearing your Byte aligner is also discouraged. What you do before having a meal is wash your hands, take out your aligner and store it in its case. Wait for 30 minutes after eating and brushing your teeth before you replace your aligner. 

How much are Byte aligners?

The full set of Byte aligners costs a good deal of money but Byte isn’t the most expensive invisible aligner brand around. Byte offers two payment options depending on the treatment plan you opt for. The all-day plan is generally not as expensive as the all-night plan. 

You have two options for the all-day aligner system. You can either make a one-time upfront payment or pay in instalments through BytePay. Byte’s all-day aligner costs $1895 for the full kit and this covers the HyperByte teeth movement accelerator and Byte’s teeth whitener – BrightByte.  

The other option, the monthly payment plan makes the cost of Byte aligners more manageable. This will cost you an initial deposit of $349 plus an $83 monthly fee for 29 months. This amounts to $2756 in total.

Similarly, you can pay for the all-night aligner system upfront or in instalments. The monthly payment begins with a one-time down payment of $449 and a consequent $99 every month for 29 months. The total cost of the monthly plan is $3336. If you’ll pay all at once, the all-night Byte aligner costs $2295.

Meanwhile, just like any other credit card, you may make payment with your HSA/FSA debit card.

cost of Byte Aligners

What is BytePay

BytePay is the monthly payment option and Byte’s way of making their aligners accessible to everyone regardless of their financial background. BytePay is a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive payment plan that Byte offers to those who cannot afford the upfront payment. Other payment methods may prohibit those with bad credit but BytePay is an exception. It has no hidden costs and is incredibly affordable. Your social security number is all you’ll need.

While it is more expensive than paying once in full, many still prefer the convenience it offers. Note that you cannot use coupons and promotional codes when you’re on the BytePay plan.

The Byte Protection Plan

Before you purchase your Byte aligner kit, you’ll be allowed to opt into the Byte Protection Plan. This plan costs more – an additional $649 for the all-day system and $779 for the all-night system. The protection plan is a treatment warranty that cannot be revoked once purchased. You only begin to reap the benefit of this plan after your treatment is complete. What it covers is 5 years of Byte retainers with a regular 6-month replacement on demand. It also covers stolen, damaged or lost retainers. 

What’s next after Byte treatment?

After a successful treatment, protecting your new smile is the next step. This is achieved through keeping your teeth in place with Byte retainers. Retainers prevent your new smile from changing or moving out of place. It is available only after Byte aligner treatment. 

A Byte retainer comes with your initial shipment of aligners. Without Byte protection plan, you’ll need to buy other retainers out-of-pocket because Byte advocates that you replace them every six months to a year. Every new set will cost you $129.

After completing your primary treatment, you’ll stop using aligners and start wearing retainers. Retainers do the opposite of what aligners do. Instead of shifting your teeth, retainers hold them in their new position, securing your investment in your smile. You’ll wear them first for two weeks straight, 22 hours a day, even if you were previously on an all-night plan. Consequently, you’ll wear them only at night while sleeping. 

How long will I wear retainers?

Wearing Byte retainers following aligner treatment will be part of your daily routine for at least 10 years. Don’t be alarmed, you’ll wear them only while you sleep at night. To maintain the new position of your teeth, you must wear your retainers. 

After the pressure from aligners is removed and your teeth remodelled, they can be tempted to revert to their former positions. The older you get, the chances of your teeth shifting is greater. For this reason, if you had your Byte treatment as an adult, you may be required to use retainers every night for life. If you had it done as a teenager, your dentist may permit you to stop wearing retainers after 10 years.

Which is thicker – aligners or retainers?

Aligners and retainers appear to be very similar on the surface. They are both made out of transparent plastic and are designed to sit on your teeth. They can be almost identical in appearance. One way to differentiate aligners from retainers is in their thickness. Retainers hold teeth in place and thus have thicker trays. They also wear out faster. You’ll probably never see your aligner wear out because you won’t wear them for long enough. Retainers however can be used for months, if they get warped, you should order a replacement.

Byte teeth straightening reviews

According to the customer reviews of Byte treatment online, the majority that it is effective and gives them a high rating. Consumer affairs based on 1887 reviews from 2021 give Byte a 5-star rating. BBB rates Byte at 4.47/5 stars while Best Company rates Byte at 4.8/5. Trustpilot praised the company, having only good things to say and rating it at 4.8.

One of the reasons for Byte’s success is its straightforward approach to treatment. Many commended the short treatment duration and the option to control their discomfort using HyperByte. The all-night option was also an incredible feature that consumers appreciated.

On the other hand, Byte’s high cost when compared to competitors was noted as a drawback. Many users also mentioned that after wearing Byte, they experienced bad customer service and no alignment.

Byte vs. Invisalign

Despite the similarities between the two companies, their differences are noteworthy. Byte is a direct company to consumer firm, that is less expensive and more convenient. Invisalign treatment is carried out by a dentist hence is more expensive. It is however a more specialized form of treatment and is capable of correcting more severe misalignment cases.


Both companies use at-home impression kits but ALIGNERCO is much less expensive. You’ll get a 3D model of your impression from both companies but Byte goes ahead to review your impression with you. The ALIGNERCO full aligner kit is cheaper but Byte offers additional benefits such as HyperByte. This reflects in their duration of treatment. While Byte gets the job done in 4 months, the latter does in 6 to 11 months.

Byte vs. Alpha veneers the US

Alpha veneers teeth straightening and whitening services through clip-on veneers. Although different from clear aligners, they are a great alternative to misalignment and whitening treatment. They are also very affordable too. First, you take your impressions, and removable clip-on veneers which fit perfectly on your teeth are made for you. It corrects chipped, crooked or missing teeth, giving you a complete.

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