Buying an LCD TV – General Tips and Guides

For a prudent buyer, it is necessary to have complete knowledge about the product before making a purchase. With the LCD TVs filling up the market today, it is not wise to have one just for the sake that everybody is buying an LCD TV. So before you drop lots of money to buy an LCD TV, you must first have to do a lot of thinking and searching.

A lot of ads today promote LCD Televisions as a replacement to plasma televisions. It may not be as expensive as that of plasma TV; however, to buy a Television is like having an investment also. Here are some tips and guides on buying and maintaining your LCD TV.

First, the very advantage of LCD TV’s and why it’s so phenomenal is that they are very thin. With this feature, you can either mount it on the wall or on a table. If you prefer to mount it on the wall, you should avoid placing it over a functioning fire place. The reason is that heat coming from this source could affect the longevity and performance of the set. If you prefer to use the table mount provided, it’s important to do some measuring. You have to measure the entire width so that it could fit on the space you want to place it. However, you have to make sure that it has an allowance of one or two inches on each side and on the top and back for ventilation and connection access purposes.

After finding the perfect place for your Television, you have to consider some of the specifications that comes with it. To buy an LCD TV means you are buying a modern technology and as such getting acquainted with some techy stuff is required to enjoy it’s full benefits. One of the past weaknesses of a LCD Television, is that it doesn’t have much ability to display fast moving objects, however things have changed with the new models being made now.

Not all Televisions have addressed this concern, so you have to be particular on the Motion Response Time (ms=milliseconds) when buying an LCD TV. To determine this, it has to have a Response Time of 8ms or 4 ms with 4 ms being the optimum. This should be considered when your purpose to buy a Television is to watch sports, action films or any fast paced programs. Be cautious and critical if the Television does not list their motion response time.

Another consideration is the viewing angle of the Television. When you buy a Television, consider how many people will use the TV or the space of the room where you will put the TV. You have to make sure you can view the image on the Television from the sides as well as from the prime viewing area. Ensure you have a good experience of the images wherever you maybe on the room. Typically, LCD TVS have a good side-to-side viewing angle with as wide as 160 degrees or about 80 degrees from the centre viewing spot. When an LCD TV begins to fade or is non-viewable within 45 degrees consider it not suitable for viewing. Also check either sides from the centre viewing spot to see if you have any problems viewing.

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