Bodyweight tricep exercises

5 Best Chest Bodyweight Exercises | The Fitness Tribe

   Strong triceps muscles are essential for a well-built arm. People often mention the biceps, but the triceps are just as significant. What if you could get those ripped triceps without lifting a single weight?

      You won’t have the power to build the rest of your body unless your triceps are properly built. Bodyweight triceps exercises are the way to go if you want to bulk up your arms or tone your upper arm.                                                                                     

      The majority of people believe that lifting weights is the best way to work the triceps muscles. However, calisthenics exercises are just as effective, if not more so, in increasing muscle mass and power.

Triceps Strength: Why Is It Important?

    The triceps is a three-part muscle that runs down the back of your upper arm. Strong triceps muscles not only look fantastic, but they are also beneficial to your overall health. Not only does building muscle helps your metabolism, but it also lets you perform simple tasks, including lifting, dragging, pushing, and carrying, which are skills you don’t want to neglect as you get older.

  Fortunately, these are the perfect tricep exercises you can find (without using weights):


   The push-up is a compound movement that engages both your chest and triceps muscles. You’ll be able to do better push-ups if you strengthen your triceps, which will help you develop a more muscular chest and upper body.

Diamond push-ups

   The triceps are emphasized more with diamond push-ups. Instead of holding your hands shoulder-width apart, you form a diamond shape with them all together. You’re working your triceps instead of your pecs by doing this.

  You may not be able to obtain the “ideal” diamond at first, but you can begin with a diamond that is a little more spread out, and you will improve with more exercise.

  As your strength improves, start moving your fingers together until they meet.

Parallel dips 

      This is the perfect exercise for large triceps. It increases strength while also working the chest and shoulders. If you do calisthenics, it’s a must to do dips.                                        

    It should be a part of your mass-building calisthenics routine. You can use gymnastic rings or ropes if your skill level is higher.

Extend your triceps using just your bodyweight

     It’s a very effective toning movement, but it only works if you do it correctly. It’s better to concentrate on your upper arm rather than your chest and shoulders.                                                            

 If you’re not in great shape, start with the extension moves against the wall. Do not underestimate this exercise as your weight becomes the weight being carried.

The take-away

   Bodyweight exercises are ideal because they can be done anywhere, and you do not need any equipment. This makes working on your triceps easier because you can work out in the office during your lunch break or on vacation.                                                                     

     As with any exercise, remember not to overdo the workout. Because of how frequently you use your hands and depending on your bodyweight, bodyweight tricep exercises must also be done with caution.