A Look at Schwinn Windrigger Rowing Machine

Schwinn is a leader in fitness equipment and it is one the most trusted brand in exercise bikes. This company does have one rowing machine called the Windrigger and as the name suggests, it is an air resistance rower. Used around the world by novices and professional athletes alike, the Windrigger is ideal for people looking for a complete cardiovascular workout, building muscles, and improving stamina.

It is also one the most popular rowing machines found in gyms around the world. And one reason that explains this is the fact that this machine is so easy to use. This fitness rower is ideal for anyone looking for a complete, low impact full body workout. The air resistance type of this brand offers more to its users when more force is applied, and it also features a two usage positions targeting both the abdominal and hamstring.

The Windrigger comes with pre-programmed workouts to help you get the most from a session. One program called Regatta Mode simulates a real race and challenges the user to compete a computer opponent. This is ideal for athletes preparing for training purposes and more importantly it is a very enjoyable way to workout. Gym equipment tends to be very dull and boring in general.

Other notable features of the Schwinn Windrigger are the weight, compactness, and portability. This rowing machine can accommodate a user weight of 300 pounds but is only 112 pounds in itself which makes it easy to move and store. This air rower is only 82 inches long and 23 inches wide, which is quite small, compared to other models of this resistance type.

Also one more thing that is worth mentioning is the onboard computer display. It has a range of key statistics including length of session, distance travelled, calories burnt, and heart rate. Reading other online reviews on rowing machine, the Windrigger is rated quite high. It is something you expect from a company such as Schwinn that has been in the fitness business for years.

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