A Healthy Lifestyle Requires Healthy Cookware – Why?

The foundation for a healthy life is embedded in providing the body healthy food. A well-balanced diet every day is the key to keeping your body functions efficient. While you may be on a wholesome balanced diet, there is one other factor that can steal the nutrients and make your food toxic – your cookware. Thus, in order to cook nutritious food, you need healthy cookware as much as you need healthy ingredients.

What’s Wrong with Conventional Cookware:

The body can eliminate the natural bad that you ingest with food but toxins in food is another thing. Toxins leaching from conventional cookware contaminate your food and start accumulating in blood, tissues and organs. Over time it compromises the immune system and lays the foundation for various health problems.

How Does This Leaching Happen?

Metals and ceramics are the most commonly used materials for making cookware these days. While metals are naturally reactive, ceramics are laden with chemicals that contain metal oxides and glazed with paint-like substances that have their own side-effects. As much as they are attractive to the eyes they are harmful to the body.

While cooking, the metal ions and chemicals leach by reacting to the bio-chemicals in the food. These toxins then replace essential nutrients in cells all over the body. These dysfunctional cells cause detrimental changes in organs and result in dangerous diseases.

Equally Bad Is What Happens to The Foods Nutrients:

The heat from metal/ceramic cookware is harsh and destroys delicate nutrients, further depleting essential nutrients. When the body is fed with such nutritionally depleted diet, it not only gets weak but fails to overcome the bad effects of toxins. In this way, the wrong cookware can greatly reduce the health value of food and make it toxic.

Truly Healthy Lifestyle Calls for Healthy Cookware

If you are hoping to live a truly healthy lifestyle, you need a truly healthy cookware. History teaches us that the healthiest cookware used for the longest of time was made from clay. Unglazed primary clay (or pure clay) with absolutely no chemical content is ideal for making naturally healthy cookware.

Pure clay is completely inert and doesn’t leach anything into your food. It’s unique far infrared heat is good for delicate nutrients and cooks without damaging them. It is by far the only natural cookware that tends to remove toxins from food while cooking instead of adding more to it. By using such healthy cookware, you can make sure that your food is rich in nutrition and free from toxins – just the way it’s needed for a healthy lifestyle.

So as you plan your healthy lifestyle make sure you keep healthy cookware in mind so the food you have prepared with care can remain healthy and nutritious by the end of the cooking process.

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