A Dental Floss Hair Frizz Hack Has Emerged On TikTok

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If your FYP feels like it can be chock total of straightforward, income-saving elegance tips, you may possibly locate by yourself thinking if some of ’em are just too very good to be legitimate. Scenario in position: a modern hair hack that consists of employing dental floss as an anti-frizz tool. Yes, seriously.

In a clip on the application from earlier this thirty day period, New York-based mostly hair stylist Matt Newman uncovered that the #flosshack — which consists of taming your flyaways by gliding dental floss down your hair — is one of his “FAV #hairhacks.” If you caught Newman’s put up or a remake from one more person, you in all probability have some questions about no matter whether dental floss is as effective as the best anti-frizz products and solutions. (Linked: This Spray Last but not least Solved My Summer-Frizz Hair Struggle)

Naturally if you are wanting for an simple and very affordable remedy, this Diy can not be conquer. But whether or not or not it essentially stands a likelihood in the never-ending battle from frizz is another story. In reality, while it could operate to tame frizz in the instant, “I’m not guaranteed of the keeping electrical power or regularity throughout the working day,” says Katelyn Hunziker, New Jersey-primarily based hairstylist and operator of Mane Regional salon.

Carolyn Holden, an Austin, Texas-based stylist at Mirror Mirror salon agrees, acknowledging that it might be worthwhile in a pinch if you are jogging in to supper or to an party. “Flossing your hair is a trick for a brief repair, not a lengthy-term solution,” states Holden. “…It can tame a several flyaways in the short term, but humidity, wind, and your hair texture will restrict the efficacy of this pattern.”

If you want to try out it out, know that you can expect to have to have waxed dental floss. The wax is the key to gripping the hair and and making frizz stay down, but that is particularly why you could not want to use this system normally, points out Holden. “When you happen to be keeping the floss and sliding it down your hair, you are keeping the floss with excellent rigidity and that pressure transfers the wax to your hair shaft, smoothing gentle frizz and flyaways,” she suggests. “The wax is the hero of this craze, but it really is also the reason I wouldn’t advise accomplishing this frequently. As a stylist, we don’t want wax on your hair all the time — a buildup of wax could ultimately compromise the integrity of the hair, and even make it more hard for coloration to choose.” The stress could also most likely direct to breakage and damage — two concerns known to bring about frizz and likely incorporate to the issue, claims Hunziker.

Also, based on your hair variety, the trick may well not do the job as very well, notes Jordan Jones, colorist at Taylor Taylor London. “Curly or coily hair will will need much more rigidity to slick the hair down when compared to straight hair, so dental floss may well not slice it,” suggests Jones. Only individuals with straight, high-quality hair would possible gain from this Do it yourself de-frizz trick, states Holden. (Linked: The Greatest Products for All Styles of Frizzy Hair)

As for more lasting solutions, “right hair routine maintenance, maintaining your hair conditioned and trimmed, and anti-frizz products and solutions are the ideal approaches” for maintaining your strands seeking sleek and frizz-totally free, claims Holden.

If you’re still fascinated in hoping the floss hack, take into account striving it in conjunction with an anti-frizz products for additional long lasting final results. “You are going to need to use hair gel, hair spray, or some sort of solution with hold to get the hair to stay in location when employing the dental floss, as it performs in a identical way to a comb in that it can carry the hair into the place you want it, but won’t be able to make it continue to be in position all day,” says Jones. “Floss does help to convey small flyaways down, but only as considerably as a comb or brush does, so if you really don’t have a comb or brush to hand it could be useful — usually just stick to your regular frizz-taming techniques.”