6 Health trends that ruled the year

2021 was all about health and fitness. While the year started on a good note, it was in April when COVID-19 started wreaking havoc once again. Many lost their loved ones, while others lost their good health. Severe weakness for weeks, weight loss, and body ache became common. All these post-COVID-19 complications called for people’s attention towards their health.

This made people more health-conscious towards the end of the year. And amid this, many health and wellness trends ruled the year.

Here we take a look back on all the health trends that ruled 2021.

Personal health trackers became essential

From smartwatches to healthcare apps, personal health trackers became an essential part of people’s lifestyles. Many were ready to spend a few more bucks and get the best of the gadgets to monitor their health. Keeping track of oxygen levels and heartbeat became a norm, and people were more alert than ever about their health this year.

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Mindful eating took centre stage

While COVID-19 presented with weight loss as a complication, people knew how to tackle it. The binge eating trend of 2020 took a backseat and people started indulging in mindful eating. This doesn’t mean junk food vanished. But people started balancing their eating habits.


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Health supplements found their ways into people’s homes

Be it the Ayurvedic health supplements or the usual ones, people started including these in their daily lives. Everybody wanted an extra dose of immunity and good health. This made them take to buying whatever called itself an immunity booster and was setting unrealistic goals.

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Physical activities became a ritual

Online yoga, morning walks, workouts, and meditation became a ritual for many. Most realised its importance and started doing a lot more physical exercise to cope with the post-COVID-19 stress. Above all, an online yoga and meditation sessions garnered much attention.

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Relaxing getaways were on people’s list

It was not only about physical health but mental health, too. People started taking time out for their mental health. From relaxing getaways to a work-free vacation, people wanted to give time to their mental health even more.

Leaving toxic jobs became common

While there was a time when leaving a toxic job wasn’t common, not because people didn’t realise it but because it was their source of income. However, 2021 made people believe ‘Jaan hai to jahaan hai’, and that it is only when they have sound mental health that they can earn a better living. This made people walk away from toxic job cultures and prioritising their mental health above anything else.

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