Missing the Gym? Experts Say You Might Want to Consider Taking an Outdoor Fitness Class

Beatrice J. Doty

As many states begin entering re-opening phases—including opening retail stores, restaurants, and movie theatres—experts agree that one of the highest risk environments for contracting coronavirus is the gym. So, what should you do if you want to start exercising and home workouts aren’t satisfying? Consider taking an outdoor group fitness class, such as pilates, yoga, or barre. You’ll get the same health benefits of exercising in the open air as you would in a studio or gym, but there’s far less chance of spreading germs.

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“Doing group exercise activities outdoors is going to be much more safe than doing (it) indoors,” Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and an infectious disease physician, told TODAY. “That could be much more conducive to social distancing and putting in measures that might make it less likely to

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3 fitness experts debunk 17 of the biggest exercise myths that do more harm than good

Beatrice J. Doty

Following is a transcript of the video.

Sean Kuechenmeister: One of the most common myths that I hear is that, if unused, muscle tissue converts into fat. It’s really important to say that muscle tissue has muscle cells and fat tissue has fat cells. They are not interchangeable. By no means is it chemically or physically possible for muscle tissue to convert over to fat and vice versa, fat into muscle.

Narrator: That’s —

Kuechenmeister: Sean Kuechenmeister. I’m a clinical athletic trainer at the New York Sports Science Lab in Staten Island, New York.

Narrator: And he’s one of three athletic trainers we brought into our studios.

Janeil Mason: My name’s Janeil Mason.

Andy Stern: My name is Andy Stern.

Narrator: To debunk 17 of the most common exercise myths.

Kuechenmeister: It really depends on your goals. Training fasted in the morning is more conducive to losing fat. Because when

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