Horse Racing: Two General Ways To Handicap And Two General Ways To Profitcap

Horse racing has two general ways to handicap and two general ways to profit. The first way to handicap is where each individual race per race card is done using several methods or systems (class, form, track bias, etc.) to find the strengths and/or weaknesses of each horse. As well as several elimination methods (largest morning line odds, last allowed odds, etc.) to remove weak horses. The mass majority of players use the daily racing form, the program and therefore use the first general way. The player usually spend years searching for handicap and elimination systems one by one and comparing them. This is time-consuming.

The second way to handicap is where basic statistical means, methods and techniques are used and every possible handicap method or system is compared to each other. There are several thousands of methods. Then to go about finding their percent strengths and/or weaknesses. This way the player saves years of time searching for the most powerful methods. This is the advanced form in which handicapping takes. Doing handicapping in this form one fines one of the most powerful secrets in all of horse racing which is: field size. Once the player know this then the player’s in a much more leveraged position. Ask yourself: what will happen if on I played 10,000-20,000 races and knew how it all worked?

The first way to profitcap is where you profitcap each individual race per race card personally. Scrutinizing the odds on each horse on the tote or in the program and comparing them seeking value, profit and price. This has nothing to do with handicapping. This is about money and not about picking horses. Two very different things indeed. What horse(s) will come in with the best money-making odds based on the particular wager(s) you’ve chosen. In this case wait until zero minutes to post. This gives you 60-190 seconds before the gate open.

The second way to profitcap is statistically. What type of money amounts are we talking about as a total in 10,000-20,000 races? What ticket format(s) and ticket price(s) are useful in what wager(s)? What’s your bankroll size (Sustain Investment Money or SIM) to begin with? In 3-10 years what profit amount can you make? What wager(s) have you chosen to play? These are some of the properties in profitcapping the player must know beforehand and what must be done when starting from scratch or even with big money.

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