Jamie Murray doesn’t see a return to action soon but keeps his fitness levels up

Beatrice J. Doty

Jamie Murray is not expecting the professional tennis tours to resume any time soon.

The men’s ATP and women’s WTA tours are suspended until July 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the nature of the sport, with mass travel between countries and cities from one week to the next, is not conducive to a quick return in the current climate.

The seven-time grand slam doubles winner has described a possible return to tour life as “far away” and talked down the impact of playing behind closed doors.

“I honestly have no idea what is going to happen with that,” the Scot told the PA news agency.

“As a professional tournament, you have players, coaches, physios travelling from all over the world to be there.

“You have got fans flying from all over the world to watch these events, it is a lot of people descending on a city for

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Support Yang’s Fitness, Training & Martial Arts Center In Andover

Beatrice J. Doty

The new coronavirus has changed life for all of us. Local businesses have taken a huge economic hit, but communities are finding creative ways to support the establishments they know and love.

In an effort to help local businesses in our communities stay connected and succeed, Patch will shine a light on some of them through a series of Q&A articles during this time.

Yang’s Fitness, Training & Martial Arts Center is one of the businesses in town facing struggles during the coronavirus. You can lend your support by reading more about the company, below, and by contacting them here.

Tell us about your business and its history in your town.

Yang’s is a family owned and operated fitness center just down the hill from Main Street at Dundee Park offering a traditional gym with exercise equipment, personal and group training, group exercise classes, yoga, spinning as well as

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3 fitness experts debunk 17 of the biggest exercise myths that do more harm than good

Beatrice J. Doty

Following is a transcript of the video.

Sean Kuechenmeister: One of the most common myths that I hear is that, if unused, muscle tissue converts into fat. It’s really important to say that muscle tissue has muscle cells and fat tissue has fat cells. They are not interchangeable. By no means is it chemically or physically possible for muscle tissue to convert over to fat and vice versa, fat into muscle.

Narrator: That’s —

Kuechenmeister: Sean Kuechenmeister. I’m a clinical athletic trainer at the New York Sports Science Lab in Staten Island, New York.

Narrator: And he’s one of three athletic trainers we brought into our studios.

Janeil Mason: My name’s Janeil Mason.

Andy Stern: My name is Andy Stern.

Narrator: To debunk 17 of the most common exercise myths.

Kuechenmeister: It really depends on your goals. Training fasted in the morning is more conducive to losing fat. Because when

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