31 Days of Global Flavors: Day 31

31 Days of Worldwide Flavors: Day 31

On the very last day of National Nutrition Month and the very last day of my “31 Days of Global Flavors” sequence, my colleague and friend Dr. Keith Ayoob is sharing why he enjoys thyme — which is the taste we are celebrating today.


There is standard thyme which is type of a dry “shrub” but wide-leaf thyme is a much more succulent, crunchy leaf that dices up properly and provides a lighter, but still “herby” taste that wakes up the typical salad elements. I consider the taste is far more like oregano.  It’s at times known as “Spanish thyme.”  It is greatest fresh, and in addition to salads, I have added it to bean dishes and stir-fries.  It’s also incredibly appropriate with fish dishes.

I love wide-leaf thyme chopped into salads, and it’s fantastic included to savory bean dishes. This salad below can integrate everything, which includes protein, tons of fiber, some fruit, and of class a great deal of veggies. It is also good for applying up leftovers.

Courtesy of Keith Ayoob

Keith’s Chopped Salad 

Fill a significant mixing bowl with the following:

  • Romaine leaves
  • Arugula
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Fennel (I slice this thinly sliced, instead than chopped)
  • 2 or 3 leaves of broadleaf thyme, minced
  • Optional, but pleasant: pitted, chopped olives, pickled peppers, or new sweet peppers, radishes, cooked vegetables, any leftover canned beans (garbanzos, black beans, whatever you have), diced pears (crimson pears are excellent if you have them)
  • Protein alternatives, if it is a key training course: crumbled feta, goat, bleu cheese or diced mozzarella, tough-cooked eggs, quartered, poached or broiled fish (salmon is fantastic with this)
  • Grated parmesan

Directions: Chop all the elements but slice the fennel and mince the broadleaf thyme as observed, and incorporate every little thing to the bowl. Toss it all collectively until finally properly merged.  Dressing: In our property, it’s EVOO and Balsamic, at a ratio of about 2 areas EVOO to 1 element Balsamic. If I have some Balsamic syrup, I’ll drizzle it all around immediately after I have dressed the salad. A fats-absolutely free Italian is fantastic far too and makes the salad or meal even leaner.  Go the grated parmesan for sprinkling on leading to everyone’s style.  You might want to help save the proteins to insert on top, when serving.

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