Welcome to my blog. If it’s convention you want, you are definitely in the wrong place. If it’s a contrarian, even ornery, perspective you crave, welcome to my world where health is not the same as healthcare, which is not the same as health insurance, no matter what the President of the United States and other Obamacare supporters say.

I am readily available to the media.  My media experiences (TV, print, and radio) include The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, NPR’s Marketplace, Fox affiliates in Baltimore, New York and St. Louis, The NY Daily News, AOL.com, Reuters, Managed Care Magazine, HealthRadio.com, and Woman’s Day.  Interested media representatives should contact me at Vik Khanna.

I have started and run three highly successful health consultancies Through my current consulting practice, I work with both individuals and business leaders on the challenging issues of personal fitness and primordial prevention as tools for long-term health improvement and cost control in the workplace.  I have written two critically acclaimed books: Managed Care Made Easy (People’s Medical Society, 1998) and Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness (CSS Publishing, 2008, with Pastor Henry Brinton). More recently, I am co-author, with Al Lewis, of Surviving Workplace Wellness with Your Dignity, Finances, and Major Organs Intact. My own new e-book, Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How To Avoid Obamacare, launches on November 3. Both books are publications of The Health Care Blog.      

 (c) 2014, Vikram Khanna, Chesterfield, MO.  All rights reserved.  Material on this blog may not be cited or abstracted without appropriate attribution.

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