Who am I?

bto_samuraiI am Vik Khanna. I am healthcare’s angry man, and I am not going away. In a culture of go along to get along, I am the anti-lemming, the human bulldozer, the irresistible force meeting the immovable object of Americans’ casual indifference to their own health and to the persistent drumbeat of ever more government intrusion into their lives. My goal is to convince people…you…that you are your own best defense against a greed-soaked healthcare industry that wants not just your body, but your spirit, your money, and your dignity. Nothing is worse than being made to feel sick, disabled, dependent, and subservient, when all you really need is someone to affirm for you that it is your birthright to expect better.

Weakness is not an American value; strength is. The world is a hard place, and the only sustainable path to success — to a life lived fully and well, no matter your health — is through the cultivation of a palpable reservoir of strength, created through devotion and discipline to our physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional selves. When we empower ourselves with these tools we free our energies for creativity and compassion, because we then become vital assets to the people and communities we seek to serve, and we have the personal power to help. The fashion today is to disregard strength, mistakenly equating it with brutality or domination. When everyone prostrates themselves as weak and needy, societal power vacuums form, and the government and its corporate enforcers, neither of whom recognize rational or decent limits on their intrusiveness, jump to fill a void that expands profit and power.

I am mad as hell at a government and healthcare industry that just take, take, and take some more, while they simultaneously insinuate themselves into our lives ever more deeply and without invitation. Their vision of medical nirvana is just another trillion dollars and ten years away, that is if they don’t kill you first with medical errors and induced demand to get things you don’t need.Samurai way of the warrior

My approach is highly unconventional, but that is a strategic advantage because in this day and age, convention will only leave you unprepared, and, to paraphrase Sun Tzu from The Art of War, to be prepared is the greatest of all virtues. It is the unconventional person, the person willing to raise hackles, push boundaries, and poke the sleeping bear, who will emerge at the end of the battle with his or her dignity and self-respect intact. Follow me, open your eyes, see our government-promoted healthcare hydra for what it is…a necessary evil that needs to be cut down to size by people who are strong enough, fit enough, brave enough, and, yes, angry enough to say, “Leave me alone.”

(c) 2015, Vikram Khanna, Chesterfield, MO.  All rights reserved.  Material on this blog may not be cited or abstracted without appropriate attribution.

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